Ural State University of Railway Transport

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Introducing the University

First some facts and figures. The Urals State University of Railway Transport (USURT) gained its University status in 1999. The University has over 10,000 students studying either full time or on a part-time basis.

The University was organized in 1956 by the order of the Ministry of Railway Transport as the Urals Electromechanical Institute For Railway Engineers. The University started with two departments «Electrification on Railways» and «Automation, Signalling and Communication on Railways». In those times of mass railway electrification, such specialists were of vital importance for the fast growing Russian railway network.

The University is now one of the leading Universities that prepares specialists for railway transport in the Urals and neighboring regions of Central Russia and Siberia. The University offers a variety of courses at a range of levels, from certificates to diplomas, first degrees to Master Degrees and PhD awards. Students take courses at USURT for different reasons - some want to learn more about the subjects which interest them, some want to enhance their current career prospects, and others want the right qualification to find the right job at the end of their course.

Many of the courses are vocationally oriented, that is, they are directed towards a specific career. Others are designed to provide a qualification with a broader base, which can be used in a variety of different career settings. Our graduates leave the University with more than a degree after their names; they have acquired practical skills such as teamwork, leadership and cultural awareness. These are all impressive qualities for prospective employers. Our students are prepared to take on higher profile jobs straight after graduation.

We also welcome full-time and exchange students from every Continent and have research projects and links with other institutions from all over Russia and around the world. It is this multicultural and cosmopolitan atmosphere that gives the Urals State University of Railway Transport its own special buzz.