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08.04.01 Construction

Skill Profile: "Construction"

Qualification: Master

Form and duration of training: Full-time - 2 years

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Professional activities and its areas, in which the graduates who’ve completed the undergraduate program (the graduates), can carry out professional activities:

  Education and Science (in the field of scientific research);

  Architecture, engineering, surveying, topography and design;

  16 Construction and housing and communal services;

  Transport (engineering, design, construction, operation, repair and reconstruction of linear structures and objects of transport infrastructure);

  power (in the field of engineering surveys, design, construction, operation, repair and reconstruction of buildings and structures for energy purposes);

  Nuclear industry (in the field of engineering survey, design, construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of buildings and structures, objects of use of atomic energy).

Graduates can carry out professional activities in other areas and (or) fields of professional activity, if their education level and the acquired competencies meet the employee’s requirements for the qualification. As part of the development of the Bachelor's Degree program, graduates are prepared to solve the tasks of professional activity of the following types:



  organizational and managerial.

The list of the main objects (or fields of knowledge) of graduates ‘professional activity: buildings, structures for industrial and civil purposes.

To study:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Metrology
  • Organization of construction production
  • Technological processes in construction
  • Automation, mechanization and robotization in construction
  • Fundamentals of Architecture
  • Engineering geodesy
  • Fundamentals of building structures