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Личный кабинет студента
и преподавателя

«Higher and Applied Mathematics»

Head: Galina A. Timofeeva DSc in Physics and Mathematics, Professor 
Tel/Fax: (+7 343) 221-24-04 

Currently, courses of Higher and Applied Mathematics Department are attended by full-time and extramural students of Transportation Process Management, Economics and Management, Electromechanical, Electrotechnical, Building, Mechanical and Extramural faculties; teachers of the chair give lectures to candidates for master's degree and postgraduate students. The chair offers various special mathematics-oriented courses for students and candidates for master's degree, trains enrolled in preparatory courses and schools of Sverdlovsk Railway. Course programs are coordinated with the responsible chairs. Continuous mathematical training of students at the Faculty of Economics and Management is being implemented. 

Courses of the Department

  • Mathematics,
  • Mathematical Analysis,
  • Algebra and Geometry,
  • Mathematical Logic and Theory of Algorithms,
  • Computational Mathematics,
  • Mathematical Statistics,
  • Mathematical Models,
  • Mathematical Modeling of Systems and Processes,
  • Queuing Models,
  • System Modeling,
  • Discrete Mathematics,
  • Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics,
  • Queueing Theory,
  • Mathematical Methods in Economics and Management,
  • Economic-Mathematical modeling,
  • Simulation Modeling of Economic Systems,
  • Operations Research,
  • System Analysis in the Service,
  • Theory of Information Processes and Systems
  • Economical and Mathematical Tools of Logistics Management,
  • Analytical and Numerical Methods for Solving Mathematical Physics Equations (for candidates for a master's degree in "Railway Cars", "Construction", "Locomotives")
  • Statistical Analysis (for postgraduate students)
  • Mathematical Calculations in MathCAD (for postgraduate students).